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We pride ourselves on using the most advanced technology for designing automotive interior protection patterns. We strive to please our customers with clean lines and aesthetically pleasing material to enhance the look of the trim while protecting from scratches and damage to maintain the value of a vehicle through multiple owners.


Important! Cluster Film will be slightly larger than the visible trim surface to be protected whenever possible to eliminate bothersome lines and ensure longest lasting install.  The Cluster Film will tuck underneath the bezel trim.

Moisture bubbles and haziness are normal to appear up to 3 days after installing and will dissipate within 7 to 40 days. (Cold weather will extend cure time) Please do not try to force these bubbles out after curing has

The soap bottle only contains 1 drop of soap in it. Please add water.

On the occasion there is a small crease in your product, which can happen sometimes during shipment, it is okay. It should still install fine and disappear once the film has cured*

For Best Installation Environments:

Hot Weather- Screens need to be cool to the touch, vehicle parked out of direct sunlight for 24 hours after installation and with windows cracked if outside.

Cold Weather- Warm the vehicle up to 70 degrees and turn off fans before installation. If the film is brought to this temperature as well, it will be more flexible and can lay down over more curved areas better.

⭐ After 24-48 hours, film should be mostly cured and any remaining haziness or bubbles smaller than a dime will diminish within a few days.

⭐ Working outside during daylight hours, and even with a headlamp, will give the best visibility for spotting remaining dust and imperfections in the installation so you can correct before the film starts to cure.

Installation Tips - Please Read Before Continuing to Instructions

⭐ Work slowly! Give yourself enough time to work meticulously. Be patient, line the kit up within about 1mm from the edges of your screen (tuck under for clusters), and smooth gently with the squeegee to tack the film down.

Screens should be cool to the touch (70 degrees inside the cab)

Fill bottle with warm water. It will only be shipped with the soap inside.

⭐ Generously spray the backside of the film with solution. Dry spots can lead to more bubbles.

⭐ Be sure the vehicle surface and film surface are free of debris before installing. Painters tape can be used to remove any excess dust. Latex gloves can help prevent fingerprints on the back of the film.


Follow Along Install Videos:

Install Video Part 1

Install Video Part 2

1.)  Mist surface of car, wipe surface with supplied cloth

2.)  Mist surface again, use squeegee to remove dust particles

3.)  Mist surface so the entire surface remains moist

4.)  Carefully lift edge of film to be installed, spray edge, spray as you separate film from backing

5.)  Saturate front and back of film, more solution = easier to set properly & easier to squeegee

6.)  Adjust and align softly with fingertips to center on screen, there should be about a 1mm gap on the edges. For instrument clusters, tuck behind bezel edges

7.)  Squeegee from center of film to right, switch hands (if possible), squeegee from center to left working up and then down the film

**On longer pieces, line up the edges and tack the edges first to set the length of the film.

8.)  Lightly mist top of film again to help the squeegee slide.

9.)  Wrap towel around squeegee, and then squeegee from center to edges (clockwise or counter clockwise) around all edges

10.)  Use towel to wipe excess moisture

NOTE: If there is dust or excessive remaining bubbles (some bubbles are normal), mist edge of film and GENTLY lift while spraying (to avoid breaking the adhesive) until film is lifted past dust/bubbles/etc. Respray, relay down the film, re mist, then squeegee from inner-most lifted part outwards, using techniques above.

REPEAT with additional film/trim

For Kits with buttons or small pieces, install everything else first, empty bottle, and fill with plain water for better tacking!

On larger (Tesla style) touch-screens it isnormal for the first 24 hours for the screen to act a little erratic as moisture bubbles feel like fingers. Use extra care when you squeegee out extra moisture to help minimize the touch-sensitivity.

To remove the product, heat up the film on the vehicle to make it more pliable. Then using a very soft plastic, or even a fingernail, pry off the edge of the navigation screen. You can attempt to save the film if you'd like. If so, spray the back of the film as you remove it to help it come off easier. For the instrument cluster, use your soft plastic or fingernail to tear a bit of the film, then peel it off. Since this film does typically tuck under the bezel, it will be hard to pry off an edge. Tearing the film will be necessary to peel off.

If you are having trouble with the install, keep practicing on your first set of film until you get it down. We offer replacement film at a much discounted rate to ensure you get the perfect install.

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