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Why Screen ProTech?

"We had an Audi R8 and the navigation screen had a bad scratch in it. It wasn’t covered by the warranty and was going to cost $4,800 to replace. I wanted to be able to protect it from new like I had been protecting my cell phone for years. When there wasn’t a solution available, I created one.” -Chris H.

Costly replacements

The two most expensive things to replace within the interior of your car are the screens. The average replacement for an infotainment screen is $4,000...

You can
lose money

Vehicle resale value diminishes significantly when there is damage on the screens.

Phone to Infotainment

In 2018, 83% of cars sold in the US were equipped with touch screen navigation. The technology used inside your vehicle is an extension of your cellular device and needs to be protected. Widgets and apps built into your infotainment screen make it the second most touched component inside your vehicle after the steering wheel.


Fingerprints and dust on your infotainment screen are unsightly and cause micro-scratches that deteriorate your screens coating over time.